Our Mission

We envision a Wisconsin that is a better, more equitable place to live, work, and raise a family. To meet that end, we recruit, train, elect and develop progressive candidates and leaders for local and state legislative office.

Our Story

Wisconsin was once the heart of Progressive politics in America. After political setbacks, our state is struggling. Positive political change requires a concerted, strategic effort that begins at the local level and grows upwards. Wisconsin Progress is the only organization with the long-term vision to develop progressive political leaders who will bring about the change we wish to see in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Progress was founded in 2009 by a group of progressive allies to be a Wisconsin based candidate recruitment and training organization. The goal was to have a group that enforced a progressive baseline for our legislative candidates and to elect leaders that would champion our most important issues - protecting our natural resources, promoting our middle class, funding public education, and being a voice for marginalized populations. In the last five years, we have grown exponentially. We have expanded from a staff of two to a staff of five. We have an office in Milwaukee to supplement our office in Madison, and for the first time, we have staff specifically designated to work on local elections, giving us the resources to proactively recruit candidates for dozens of targeted local school boards, county boards, city councils, and town and village boards.

Our talented staff works in a consulting capacity to help candidates one-on-one and also in training settings. We provide powerful tools and expert advice to guide candidates to victory on Election Day.

Our Staff


INTERN and fellowship opportunities

Wisconsin Progress is currently seeking campaign fellows to work with our candidates for local offices across the state and interns to work on a variety of projects from our Madison and Milwaukee offices.


Our Board

Katie Belanger - Board Chair

Jackie Boynton

Tanya Lohr

Sandy Pasch

Nicole Safar

Kyle Weatherly